White Lake 3-year-old battling leukemia gets first responder surprise visit

A convoy of Oakland County Sheriff’s Deputies along with White Lake Township Police and Fire rolled down the street Tuesday with sirens and lights flashing.  

It garnered some surprised looks from residents - but no worries here. It is the best kind of service call you could ask for.

The first responder parade was meant for 3-year-old Archer Bradshaw, who is battling leukemia - and loves the sight of a police car.

Here's Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard.

"As a dad you know, the worst thing you can imagine is your child facing a struggle like this," he said. "So for us, to see this family facing this, and for us to be able to bring a smile to that little guy, lifts all of our hearts."

The motorcade was only part of it. Just look at Archer's face when he saw this special Archer Strong squad car - customized just for him.

"This car that the Benevolent Fund purchased, and I authorized our central garage to put my logos on it, he’s going to look like a little deputy running down that street," Bouchard said, quipping - "so if you’re on his block, you better slow down."

"Look at that. You’re official now," Bouchard said to Archer handing over a little deputy ID. "Next time you go to a donut shop you show that to them."

And Archer went right on patrol like a natural.  

"I’m incredibly grateful to have something like this at this level and caliber," said Lisa Bradshaw, Archer's mom. "My husband and I are not from here so we don’t have family close by. Our family has helped out and has come in town but having community support like this for something -  it just kind of shows you that there’s still good in the world, which you don’t see a lot of."

Archer's been on a tough road with chemotherapy treatments and a regimen to get him better. And there’s no doubt the smile put on his face by the Oakland County law enforcement community will go a long way.

"He has a good support system around him," Lisa said. "I think he can do it. He’s going to make it to the other side."

A special moment captured for a lifetime.