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Just one day away from the two-night second Democratic Debate at The FOX Theatre downtown, and Detroiters are ready.

The debates will start at 8 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday nights and they are expected to last two hours each.

"I'm hoping to see an open space filled with honesty and good questions," said one voter.

"Universal healthcare, student loan... wealth equity," said another. 

Twenty Democratic candidates descend on the D Tuesday and Wednesday for the second set of presidential debates of the 2020 election.

Some voters are hoping to see some separation in the crowded field.

"I'm hoping to see who will rise up and be my candidate of choice," one voter said. "There's way too many."

CNN, which is hosting the event, said the drawing formula guaranteed that two of the top four candidates and five of the top 10 candidates will be on the same stage with 10 candidates each night.

The first debate Tuesday will offer a match-up between the top two progressives - Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.
"It just seems like it’s kind of saturated," said one voter. "I'm waiting for someone to say something new and different."

"It’s a lot of information to take in. there's a lot of candidates. It needs to be condensed a lot," said another.

Bernie Sanders was in Detroit on Sunday - says one of his main messages is to lower medication costs for Americans. He says if he's elected, he'll take on the pharmaceutical industry. 

"Over the last 20 years the pharmaceutical industry has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on campaign contributions they buy and sell politicians Republicans and Democrats," Sanders recently said.

Kamala Harris who is set to take the stage Wednesday, was in Detroit Monday stopping by the Narrow Way Cafe and Shop in Detroit discussing universal healthcare.

"I have a vision of what it can be and the existing plans haven't offered what I've wanted," Harris said.

"Joe Biden, I want to see him come out with fire," said one voter. "He's too laid back for me right now."

"Kamala is really something. She won't take any playing around. She'll nail it," said another.

"Bernie Sanders is definitely someone standing out," another said. "This is his time and he deserves a shot."