Whitmer sworn in as Michigan's 49th governor: Let's get it done

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Democrat Gretchen Whitmer has become Michigan's 49th governor.
The 47-year-old former state lawmaker from East Lansing took the oath of office Tuesday in a swearing-in ceremony outside the state Capitol building.
Whitmer, Michigan's second female governor, said Michigan's problems are not partisan ones. She said potholes, clean water, great schools and better job skills "are not political," and she pledged to be a "governor for everyone."

"We must be clear eyed and confront our issues with one voice. Let's get it done," Whitmer said.  "We might live in divisive times but potholes are not political."
Others sworn in include Garlin Gilchrist II as lieutenant governor, Dana Nessel as attorney general and Jocelyn Benson as secretary of state. The last time Democrats jointly assumed control of the top four offices was 32 years ago.

"I am not saying it will be easy," Whitmer said. "We are up to it Michigan, we have always defied the odds we are going to do it again together." 
Those attending the ceremony include Whitmer's predecessor, Republican Rick Snyder, and Democratic former Govs. Jennifer Granholm and Jim Blanchard. The inaugural theme was "Building Bridges Together."