Will Democrats unite behind Hillary Clinton during role call vote?

Day two of the Democratic National Convention brings a Clinton and a roll call to make a different Clinton the presidential nominee. But it may not all go smoothly.

Andra Day will take the stage Tuesday to sing the hit song 'Rise Up'. Fitting, considering what's been happening at the convention and beyond.

The unrest between Bernie Sanders supporters and Hillary Clinton supporters continued with a shouting match Tuesday morning during a breakfast for the Texas delegation.

What does that mean for Tuesday's vote? It may not bode well, despite Sanders' plea on Monday night.

"I look forward to your votes during the role call tomorrow night," Sanders told the delegation.

His supporters went wild for him as he thanked the 13 million Americans who voted for him. Ultimately, his 1,846 pledged delgates were no match for Clinton's 2,205, but that doesn't mean she doesn't get his support.

"Based on her ideas and her leadership Hillary must be elected President of the United States," Sanders said.

Most mentions of Clinton throughout the night were met with booing from his supporters. The Michigan delegation says they'll work through their divisions to defeat Donald Trump.

"I think Sanders supporters are going to realize if they haven't already that this is a great way to move the country forward and hopefully have a democratic senate with Sanders chairing." Michigan Democratic Party Chari Brandon Dillon said.

"We agreed that Donald Trump's platform, the Republicans' platform - it's way different than ours," Michigan delegate Ron Owens said.

The role call goes state-by-state and it's expected Sanders may throw his support behind Clinton when they get to Vermont.