Amid Winter storm in New York, snow shoveler slides down chute shirtless at Buffalo Bills' stadium

A volunteer snow shoveler braved the snow and negative temperatures by sliding down a chute, shirtless, at the Buffalo Bills stadium in Orchard Park, New York

The NFL football team recently put out a request for snow shovelers ahead of their wildcard playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, which was postponed until Monday due to the winter weather.

David Andrzejewski answered the Bills’ call, capturing videos of other volunteers shoveling the show at Highmark Stadium on Jan. 14.

"We all drove to the stadium to help clear snow for the game," Andrzejewski told video licensing company Storyful. "Bills mafia at its best!" 


Over the weekend, the National Weather Service warned of whiteout conditions and winds of up to 50 mph. (Credit: David Andrzejewski via Storyful)

In the video, a snow shoveler is seen jumping into the chute and sliding down, waving his shirt in the air as he descended.

Over the weekend, the National Weather Service warned of whiteout conditions and winds of up to 50 mph as lake-effect snow from both Lake Erie and Lake Ontario hit the region.

"Blustery again today, gusts of 45-50 mph making blowing snow & whiteout conditions," the NWS wrote Sunday.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul also issued a travel ban in Erie County and a state of emergency for Western New York, allowing for National Guard response and other resources.

In an update on Sunday, state officials said "potentially life-threatening, blizzard-like conditions with near-zero visibility" would continue to impact much of Erie County, including the Buffalo metro area, through Sunday, with heavy snow expected through the night.

Cold temperatures at Buffalo Bills game

On Monday, brutally cold temperatures and dangerous wind chills stayed, promising the coldest temperatures ever for Iowa’s presidential nominating contest, holding up travelers and testing NFL fans in Buffalo.

About 150 million Americans were under a wind chill warning or advisory for dangerous cold and wind, said Zack Taylor, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in College Park, Maryland, as an Arctic air mass spilled south and eastward across the U.S.

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This story was reported from Los Angeles. The Associated Press, Storyful contributed.