Wisconsin's 'serial toilet clogger' gets 150 days behind bars, three years probation

Patrick Beeman, 26, was convicted on five counts of criminal damage to property for repeatedly clogging the toilets in the women's restroom at his workplace. (Sheboygan police)

FOX NEWS — A Wisconsin man dubbed “the serial toilet clogger” was sentenced to a 150-day jail term and three years of probation on Monday after being convicted of five counts of criminal damage to property for repeatedly plugging plastic bottles down toilets in the women's restroom at his workplace, causing them to overflow.

Patrick D. Beeman, 26, of Sheboygan, originally faced 12 counts of criminal damage to property, but seven of the charges were dismissed in early June, the Sheboygan Press reported.

"I need to make things right and pray for forgiveness every day," Beeman said in court Monday. The man allegedly told police “he could not explain this behavior, but simply that he would get very strong urges to do this,” court documents stated, according to Milwaukee's Fox 6.

Police began investigating Beeman after they found a toilet in a women’s bathroom at Deland Community Center clogged by a plastic bottle in March 2018, court documents said. Officers reviewed ten similar instances at the center since April 2017.  Each clogged toilet cost the city about $200 to repair, according to the criminal complaint.

Though state prosecutors only recommended a 30-day sentence, Judge Kent Hoffmann cited a need for more severe punishment.

During a three-year probation period, Beeman will serve 150 days in jail, pay $5,500 in restitution, complete 100 hours of community service and will not be allowed to possess or consume alcohol or any controlled substances.

The manager of a temp agency where Beeman worked also told police the 26-year-old also damaged toilets at a company he was placed at by the agency. Beeman was moved to a second company where similar instances of clogged toilets began to occur, court documents said.

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