With guarantee of pay, DPS teachers back to class Wednesday

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FOX 2's Amy Lange talks to two DPS teachers leaving Tuesday's meeting with good news.

Thousands of Detroit teachers called in sick for a second straight day Tuesday - hoping to send the message pay us what we're owed.

But now after a late afternoon meeting with the Detroit Federation of Teachers it looks like back to work on Wednesday. Many of the teachers say the good news is that we will be back in class, but they are still skeptical and say they need to stick together.

Teachers who are supposed to be paid through the summer for their work during the school year - out protesting for a second day after learning the district will be out of money after June 30.

"It is tantamount to wage theft that if you work you don't get paid," said Randi Weingarten, American Federation of Teachers president.

The head of the American Federation of Teachers was in town trying to find a solution and get a guarantee Detroit's teachers will be paid.

The Detroit Federation of Teachers were saying they will stay out until that happens.

"Our members want to work," Ivy Bailey, DFT president said. "They miss their children they want to educate their children, but nobody can be asked to work without being paid."

Then late Tuesday word from state-appointed Transition Manager Steven Rhodes came that the teachers will be paid.

FOX 2: "What's your reaction?"

"Yay - power to the people," said one teacher exiting the meeting.

Details are still unclear and teachers are still skeptical - but excited to get back to school.

"We have a signed letter from Judge Rhodes that we will get paid," said a teacher.

We want get back to work and back to the kids," said another teacher.

The teachers say they have the guarantee they needed to get back to class.