Witness: Body found in trash container was 'all cut up' off 7 Mile

A body found stuffed inside a trash can on Detroit’s west side. 
"Police say they found a lady behind a butcher shop on Seven Mile, with her body cut up," said neighbor Carmen Jackson. "Somebody cut her up. And somebody must have dragged her down from John R through the alley."

Now investigators are working to identify the body found in Detroit's Chaldean Town neighborhood. An employee of S and J meats on the 200 block of West Seven Mile found the corpse in a trash container in the alley behind the store. 

"He said when he discovered the body they told him not to touch the dumpster," said Jackson, a neighbor.

FOX 2:"How long has the body been there?" 

"It had to be since this morning," said Jackson. "I’m not sure. my daughter said she heard dogs barking last night. So it could have possibly been last night, I'm not sure."

Jackson and Chrissy Givens live on Brentwood just south of the alley where the grim discovery was made.

"I'm like what's going on," Givens said. "They like it's a body behind your house. I'm like a body? then they said it's chopped up. There are some sick people out here."

Police are not saying if it was a woman found dead in that trash container. They also don't know how the person died.

This investigation is ongoing if you any information that may be useful please call Detroit police at (313) 596-5400.