Witness: Clerk shot gas station armed robber 4-5 times in Mt. Clemens

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A Mount Clemens gas station clerk opened fire on an armed robber Wednesday afternoon.

Deputies say a suspect wearing a mask went into the Mobil gas station at 116 S. Main Street at about 5:10 p.m. Using a hand gun, the man attempted the rob the clerk and customers inside the store.

Witness Willie Chamble said that was when he saw two female customers dash out of the store and a minute later, shots rang out.

As the clerk inside shot the armed robber shattering glass at the front of the store, Chamble said the suspect was wounded at least four to five times.

"I saw a young man at the door struggling to get out. He was being shot at quite a few times. I heard at least seven shots go off. He finally struggled out the door and collapsed," Chamble said. "An attendant came out of the side door and had his weapon trained on him. The cops pulled up and the attendant surrendered. 

"I didn’t feel that he should have kept firing his weapon as often as he did. He had already hit the guy, no telling how many times. It seemed to me like he was trying to make sure he really wanted to hurt the guy."

The suspect was taken to the hospital and there were no other injuries, according to the Macomb County Sheriff's Office.

Both guns were recovered at the scene. Police have not released an updated condition of the suspect as of late Wednesday night.