Witness to double fatal accident: 'It was like he knew' (UPDATED)

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UPDATE: FOX 2 has learned that the driver of the tow truck was Freddie Scroggs of Westland. The 25-year-old driver was credited by Debbie Blake for saving her life.

Debbie Blake is alive and, physically, unhurt. However, her heart is heavy with sadness as she witnessed a tow truck driver be hit and killed by a driver who died in the same accident.

Blake broke down on the ramp from I-275 to I-96 in Novi. She had a flat and called for help but while she was getting help, the two truck driver may have saved her life.

"I am just heartbroken that these two people died but I just thank God that He saved me," Blake said.

She was going up north when suddenly one of her tires blew out. The tow truck driver arrived and then gave her the advice that likely saved her.

"He just said why don't you get into car and he just said I'm really afraid someone is going to hit us and it was like he knew," Blake said.

So, she got into her GMC Envoy and waited. She watched the tragedy unfold in front of her eyes.

"I felt being shoved and I said someone just hit us," she said.

Police say a Chevrolet Tahoe was driving northbound on I-275 and had exited onto the ramp leading to westbound I-96 around 10:00 a.m. Thursday. The vehicle was in the left lane when it veered over the fog line and collided with the tow truck that was stopped on the left shoulder.

Investigators say the tow truck driver, a 25-year-old man from Westland and the driver of the Tahoe, a 37-year-old man from Canton were killed as a result of the crash.

Michigan State Police are still investigating the crash and Blake says she can't help but think what could have happened to her if she did not get back inside of her vehicle.

"If I had not gotten in my car I probably wouldn't be here but I think him telling me to get back in my car saved my life," she said.