Woman: 5 different LG phones have overheated, melting cases

Cathy Rose has phone problems.

She has had an LG5 since May of 2016 - and it has been a problem ever since.

Rose said is what's worse, each replacement for her Android keeps burning up and melting the cases.

"How often does it get hot?

“Every day," she said. "Sometimes I have been talking on it and had to get off it because it was getting so hot. I burned my finger one time when I was talking on it. I just moved my finger, and was like ouch, got to get off the phone."

Cathy wants to get out of her current contract or at the very least get a different kind of phone, but says she keeps getting the around from Verizon and LG.

So Cathy is on phone number five, again same model, and the case started burning quickly.

"I just want a different phone. That's all. And have it noted; there are problems with the G5."

We sat next to Cathy as she called Verizon again.

We made the representative on the phone aware that I'm a reporter looking into Cathy's problem, and we got this response.

"Ms Rose if you would like, I could give you a call back and follow up with you. Unfortunately I am unable to discuss the account or anything while Mr. Landon is there with you. But that's why I wanted to go ahead and get him in contact with the public relations agent. They will be able to assist both of you or Mr. Landon."

The representative went into say someone from the company's public relations department will contact the both of us individually.

We'll let you know if this matter comes to a resolution.