Woman abducted, raped and left for dead pleads for justice

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A woman raped and robbed then knocked out and left in an alley.

She managed to find a house nearby and knocked on the door for help. Now she's sharing her painful story to help catch the guy that did this to her.

"Every time I would try to yell or scream, he'd hit me in the side of my face and choke me harder," she said.

The bruises on her face, neck and all over her body don't compare to the pain this 20-year-old Detroit woman feels after fighting for her life.

"He's choking me and holding my mouth at the same time he's doing this," she said.

The mother of two says at 1:30 a.m. Saturday a friend of hers picked her up at a restaurant on Eight Mile on the far east side to go to a block party. She says the man who attacked her was driving. It was someone she'd never met. He drove around for an hour and she noticed something wasn't right.

Her friend told her he had to stop at his mother's house, getting out of the car. But less than a minute later: "The dude ended up opening my door and he just started punching me in my face."

Trying to fight off her attacker, reminding him that she had children to go home to, she says the man robbed her, raped her and beat her.

"He kept choking me and kept punching me in the face and said 'Give me everything,'" she said.

Her friend never returned. She was dragged into an alley near Monica and McNichols and raped again. She was then knocked out with the sound of screeching tires waking her up.

"He just left me there, he must have thought I was dead," she said.

That woman says after finally waking up she got up bleeding and ran to the first house she could find with a light on and banged on the door. That neighbor called police for her.

"She got scared by the way I was banging  I was like, 'I just got raped,'" she said.

The police took her to the hospital. She says her so-called friend has conflicting stories. The 20-year-old says she believes the man who raped her has done this before.

And although police can only confirm they are investigating, she describes her attacker as a heavyset, light complected black man with short, wavy hair, possibly in his late 20s.

The suspect was last seen wearing a navy tank top, dark colored basketball shorts and black Air Force One shoes. The car is a dark-colored, newer Ford four-door.

"I just want him caught," she said. "Listen to my voice. Please, if you know anything, please come forward."

Anyone with information should call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP or Detroit police at (313) 596-5200.