Woman arrested after slamming into 7-Eleven in Farmington Hills

A woman driving a sedan slammed into the side of a 7-Eleven Tuesday afternoon. The incident was captured on a gas station's security system.

The crash took place at Nine Mile and Middlebelt in Farmington Hills Tuesday afternoon. 

"Just like a boom! Just like a big old bang!" 

Farmington Hills police said the woman was speeding and driving recklessly when she lost control of her car and crashed into the wall on a side angle. 

The gas station video shows the woman nearly swiping the concrete base of a light pole while coming off of Nine Mile.

She did not hurt anyone or herself, according to police. But the impact knocked tons of bricks down, leaving behind a gaping hole in the store.

The driver was arrested and charged with reckless driving and driving with a suspended license, police said. There is no indication that booze or drugs played a factor in the crash.

The car was impounded for further investigation. 

David, who works at Bates Hamburgers next door, says the woman driving is his mother.

"There’s a whole bunch of people swarming the area and next thing I know she's just in the wall," he said.

David said he does not speak with his mother and does not know her condition.

"It’s totally unreal!" said Kristy, a Farmington Hills resident, adding that this crash is one more sign of the increased danger she sees on area roads.

"I think the driving in this intersection is terrible," she said. "There’s been people hit by cars riding their bikes, walking across the street. My daughters have to cross this road right over here to go to the bus and it terrifies me because of it. "

Crews will evaluate the structure of the 7-Eleven before repairs begin, police said.