Woman attacked in Oak Park hair salon caught on video

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Online video surfaced showing the attack of a woman attacked while she was getting her hair done at a salon in Greenfield Plaza.

The video was shared with FOX 2 via Facebook, and it's been seen thousands of times online -- leading to the Oak Park salon being shut down.

The recording starts with a woman getting her hair done and then the hair dresser connects with a sucker punch while others watch, including someone with a small child.  

The fighting continues uninterrupted as a woman wearing green lets the woman on the receiving end of the attack know that this beating is for someone named "Mike."

The video ends seconds later but the consequences for the attack are just beginning. When the owner of Greenfield Plaza found out, he tells us he evicted the tenants. 

He didn't want to talk on camera but security escorted FOX 2 to the fourth floor and showed us the now-vacant store area, formerly a place called Gifted Hands Beauty Bar.

A woman who runs a different salon on the same floor says she was there when the fight happened roughly two weeks ago. She added she was happy that the owner acted so fast after video of the fight surfaced. 

"Hopefully that girl presses charges because that was ridiculous," said Keesha Brown of K. Simone Salon. "(The owner) does not play and that's the one thing I like when I do get my store. Security is here, you always feel safe."

With a vicious video catching fire online, Brown says she's had to do damage control of her own online. 

"What you saw there does not happen," Brown said. "Don't be afraid to come here."

The owner of the plaza also took to social media, asking the victim to press criminal charges. Oak Park Police said they were not aware of any investigation at this time.