Woman beaten trying to break up teen brawl in Pontiac

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A Pontiac woman tries breaking up a fight between teens only to find herself as their target.

She says some of the kids even recorded the beating on their phones and later bragged about it on Facebook.

"It was chaos," said Geisha Breckenridge.

But that did not stop her. The mother and Chaplin stepped in to stop what she describes as a mob of young people fighting near her Pontiac home last week.

"'You need to go home, don't do this,'" she says she told the group. "They were loud, cussing and they proceeded to fight and I (was) trying to break it up."

But instead Breckenridge, who was wearing her chaplain hat when she intervened, got attacked and it was captured on video.

"The next thing I know one of them hits me and then all of them started hitting me," she said.

Breckenridge says her daughter also got beat up as she tried to pull the attackers off her mother.

The chaplain says she now suffers from back and neck injuries as a result of her pounding, but says she has no regrets for trying to restore peace to the streets of Pontiac

"I've been a foster parent since 2006 and I've had 15 children come through my home," she said. "I worked at the shelters, at the food banks, this is my life. I could not stand there and let this happen."

Breckenridge believes everything happens for a reason and hopes this incident will spark a positive change in Pontiac.

"This is the result of not giving children any activities," Breckenridge said. "And I just want city of Pontiac to come together as a community."

Breckenridge says she has filed a police report and wants the people involved to know there are consequences to your actions

"I want them to know that you should not go out and mob people and think you can get away with it," she said. "(If I don't do something) it could happen again. I could have gotten killed."