Woman charged in friend's death after she failed to stop when 23-year-old fell out of car

Months after her friend's death, Kentia Fearn has been charged with causing an accident resulting in death after Mia Kanu fell out of a car being driven by Fearn.

The incident happened in June in Southfield where the two friends had been out enjoying summer break. Police said the case involves an argument between lovers, drunk driving, and a broken friendship.

Kanu was enrolled at Tennessee State University where she had planned on being a veterinarian. Those dreams were cut short on the evening of June 3.

Surveillance video from the night showed an SUV speeding down Providence Drive in Southfield when an individual fell out. Later identified as Kanu, she would be pronounced dead in the early hours.

"It would suggest that with the door opened she (Kanu) was in the process of vomiting, and with the motion of the vehicle, fell from the vehicle," said Southfield Police Chief Elvin Barren during a press conference Thursday.

Police said the two had been out when Fearn got into a fight with her boyfriend. Later in the early morning, Kanu had fallen asleep in the backseat of Fearn's Jeep. At 4:29 a.m. she fell out of the vehicle.

Three minutes later, someone who was leaving a nearby apartment called police and told them about a person in the road. Southfield police were called to the scene. An hour later they were collecting evidence where they found a key fob that eventually led them to Fearn's Jeep.

"Tend to your friend. You’re in control of the vehicle, and someone exits your vehicle while the car is in motion and you don’t take the time to stop, render aid, and check on your friend?" Barren asked. "What kind of friend is that?"

During Thursday's press briefing, one family member said drunk driving has consequences. "She was so drunk she didn’t notice her friend fell out of a car," the family member said.

Lucia Reyes, Kanu's grandmother said her granddaughter loved Fearn - which is why the incident is so painful. "She loved helping her, she was so proud of her. So that’s what hurt us a lot. For her to just leave her there."

Fearn was arrested on Tuesday and arraigned on charges Wednesday.

"The thing that tears us apart on top of the loss obviously is the impact that could’ve been had from this child based on influence and the direction she had," said Sorie Kanu, Mia's father.