Woman charged with fatally stabbing her ex-boyfriend with pocketknife

A Warren man dies after he's dropped off at a hospital with a stab wound. His ex-girlfriend is charged with murder.
She's accused of stabbing her ex-boyfriend to death and now she's charged with murder.

Brianna Washington of Detroit broke down in tears Monday hearing the second degree murder that carries a life sentence.

"Two young lives destroyed. He's dead and she'll never be the same," said Warren Commissioner Bill Dwyer.

Warren police say Friday night around 11 p.m. Washington stopped over to see ex-boyfriend, 24-year-old Maurice Carpenter at his condo on Hoover near 11 Mile.

The couple broke up in November and police say, she wanted to get back together. But Carpenter's new girlfriend was inside his home.
"Brianna was yelling about another woman being at the house," a detective said.

Police say sometime during the argument, Washington pulled out a pocket knife, stabbing Carpenter in the abdomen.

After allegedly stabbing Carpenter that night Washington the dropped him off at the hospital. Sadly, Carpenter died about six hours later, police said.

"Brianna made inconsistent statements to hospital staff before she left the scene," said a detective.

Washington, 25, was arrested Saturday morning at a home on Quincy in Detroit. The young woman then confessed to police, admitting to stabbing Carpenter, but claiming self-defense.

Police are trying to find that knife as they work to get possible surveillance video of the attack.

Meanwhile Washington's bond was set high as she's said to have 15 warrants for driving violations.
"The nature of the charges is a concern for the protection of society, $2 million dollars, a GPS tether at this time is appropriate," the judge said.

"I don't have $2 million dollars to get out," she said.

Washington's family says she is usually a quiet girl they know and say she had been acting in self-defense.
"You have to do a lot to push her to that point," said Eugene, her father. "She feared for her life."

Her father says he believes she was being physically abused. Her sister says they often got into fights.
"She's the victim though," her father said. "And they try to take her life away. So now I've got to get a lawyer and we're going to fight it."

FOX 2:  "What do you have to say to the family of Maurice? 

Eugene: "Nothing."

Washington due back in court next Tuesday.