Woman fed up with crime, spray paints warnings and erects signs

A Detroit family lives in fear because of the drug dealers and thieves who roam their west side neighborhood. 

They've installed cameras outside to catch the illegal activity around their home - now they're hoping police will act. 

Janice Davis also installed cameras and says she caught this guy stealing a delivery from her front porch. 

Davis loves to enjoy her front porch with her first-born grandson. But her neighborhood in Northwest Detroit frightens her.  

She is weary from watching narcotics transactions, Janice paid for and erected signs - "Drug Free Zone please we care police will be called." 

"I just want to live in peace," said Davis.

Janice bought the home four years ago. Since then her neighbors have moved out. Janice is now surrounded by vacant houses, on both sides and across the street on Decatur near Schaefer and Orangelawn.

She has reported illegal street drug deals to police. 

"I'm going to put up signs and if I see that, I am going to call police," Davis said. "I want to let them know this is a drug free zone. I don't want that here."

Davis installed cameras and says she caught one guy stealing a delivery from her front porch. UPS tracking the package told Janice they left a box with pair of Skecher shoes her daughter ordered. 

UPS shows a 1:30 p.m. delivery. While the camera misses the theft it does show a suspect walking away from her porch with a box.  

Janice says she's so emotionally drained worrying about drug activity-- she painted this message on the vacant house next door.  

"It was in the daylight," she said. "Can you believe that, in the daylight. A lot of times you would think they wait to the night to do sneaky stuff."

She says was so emotionally drained that she started painting messages on a vacant house next door. 

"I care about where I live," Davis said. "I'm trying to keep it nice, looking decent. I need somewhere nice to bring my grand baby up."

Davis is frightened and doesn't know what to do. She's called police to report the narcotics and now the theft from her own frontage porch. 

Janice has reached her emotional breaking point. 

"They target us because we're women," she said.

Detroit police met with Davis after FOX 2's interview. Officers told FOX 2 that they are keeping an eye on the neighborhood and investigating the package theft.