Woman follows teen, hits officer and leading police on chase

A bizarre incident that started at a drug store and led to a police chase and shots fired.

A 17-year-old says a stranger in a Dodge Challenger followed her from a Waterford Township CVS two miles away to her home on Orange Grove around midnight Tuesday night.

"This was different. It was really weird," the teen said. "I was like they are taking every single turn I am. It felt weird, like they are following me - and she was.

"I look back and I see that the car is parked right outside of my house."

She ran inside and told her parents.

"My mom looked out the window and all the sudden she's like OMG, they are walking (along the) house right now," the girl said. "They are in our yard."

A 34-year-old woman whom they have never seen was now standing on their dock. Police were called and the woman returned to her car.

"They are talking for probably less than a minute and then the car takes off super-fast," the teen said.

Police gave chase down a dead end street less than a mile away and an officer approached with his gun drawn.

"She put in her car in reverse," said witness Stephanie Gawne. "And started flying backwards down the street."

The driver was going backwards with an officer on the hood of the car. He fired eight shots into the vehicle trying to get her to stop.

"She backed all the way down the street and hit the fence on the way out," Gawne said.

By now the officer falls off but the chase continued another mile or so down a different dead-end backing up to the Oakland County International Airport.
"They were looking for somebody and I was making sure my doors were locked," said witness Debi Prince.

This time Prince says five or six police cars made sure the car wasn't going anywhere else.

"She almost took out the fire hydrant," Prince said.

Still, the woman ran into the night but couldn't stay hidden for long. With the help of Bloomfield Township police K-9 unit they found the 34-year-old woman on N. Service Drive hiding behind a business.

She was taken to the hospital where despite being shot at eight times, she wasn't hit. Now she's jail waiting to be charged in court.

As for the officer he is expected to make a full recovery. No word on why she followed the 17-year-old or what she intended to do in the first place.