Woman found dead in her Ypsilanti apartment becomes murder investigation

A welfare check turned into a murder investigation is underway after a woman was found dead in her Ypsilanti apartment Monday.

Although law enforcement has not made any arrests, they say the public isn't in danger - but they are asking for the public’s help to solve this crime at the Schooner Cove Apartments.

"We got a call late Monday night," said Derrick Jackson, Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office. "It was a family who hadn’t heard from their daughter in quite some time. She hadn’t gone to work which is unlike her, and so they called just for a welfare check."

They were looking for 48-year-old Alyson Doulos.

"Once they gained access they found her deceased within the house," he said.

That is when neighbors say the investigation intensified.

"There were four cop cars and then a van, I’m not sure what the van was for," said Patrick, a neighbor.

Deputies remained at the scene for quite a while.

FOX 2: "How long were they here?"

"I’d say about 12 hours," Patrick said. "Went grocery shopping they were here came back still here."

What was a welfare check became a murder investigation with little to go on at this point.

"There were suspicious circumstances," Jackson said. "There's not enough information for me to release at this point, but we don’t believe the public is in any danger so we want to stress that."

Investigators say there was no sign of forced entry. And no reports of any struggle or loud noises from those living nearby. In fact, most neighbors we spoke with say it is a quiet community with little to no trouble at all.

This is all the more reason they are asking if anyone saw something suspicious at the apartment complex in recent days, to come forward.

"We need the community’s help, so if anyone has seen or heard anything - it might be small to you but it could be really important to us," Jackson said.

FOX 2 did speak briefly with the victim's brother who said he doesn't want to comment at this point for fear of interfering with the investigation.

Call the sheriff's office at 734-971-8400 with any information.