Woman gets shot at while on Facebook Live

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A confrontation between two women escalates with shots fired. 
What's unusual about this case it was captured live on social media - with the video viewed thousands of times.
The Oakland County altercation quickly turned violent - when a woman shot at another while she was live on Facebook.

Jennifer Miller chuckles as the video begins Tuesday afternoon, before the mood escalates with her claiming a woman is trying to kill her.

"(Expletive) is trying to kill me literally, somebody come get this (expletive)," Miller said.

The argument escalated quickly as another woman starts walking toward Miller with a gun in hand.

"This isn't funny what if I die today, what will happen to my baby that's bogue," she says to the camera. "She is really walking up on me with this gun."

It's not clear why the two women are fighting, but it doesn't end there.

"Get away from me with this gun, why do you have to come with a gun though," Miller said. "My baby is in the house. I'd rather get shot outside."

"You don't care about the baby," she says as the other woman starts shooting. “Wow, this (expletive) shot at me."

Somehow Miller escapes the gunfire and runs into the house.

A sergeant with the Oakland County Sheriff's Office confirms they did respond to shots fired and the incident is under investigation. The office released this statement:

"The female victim and suspect were in a relationship before it went sour. Apparently, the suspect confronted her with what appeared to be a gun out in front of her apartment. 

"The victim then said that she as she turned away she heard two shots.  We didn't recover any casings or find any damage to the outside of the victim's apartment at this time. 

"The Sheriff's Office Directed Patrol Unit is looking to suspect tonight."