Woman gets too close to bison at Yellowstone Park

A woman got up close and personal with a bull bison at Yellowstone National Park in a video that angered park goers as it was happening.

The rare sight happened during the park's opening weekend. An unidentified woman slowly walked up to a bison on a park walkway and then began to pet it.

A family visiting the Old Faithful Lodge in Wyoming captured the moment on their cellphone. The family said minutes before she approached the bison, the woman was making mimicking gestures at it.

A family spokesman said they were going to yell for her to stop because the animals are known to attack, but since the bison seemed calm and was laying down, they hit record on their phones instead. You can hear them talking about how dangerous the situation was.

A few seconds later, the woman walked away to a man standing nearby.

Yellowstone currently prohibits people from getting within 25 yards of bison at the park.