Woman goes into labor while trapped inside home by storm damage

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A DeKalb County woman blocked in her home by a tree from Monday’s storm, went into labor a month before her twins due date.

On Monday, a tree came crashing down onto Heather and Mehrvarz Yavaliollah’s Avondale Estates home as Irma moved through metro Atlanta. The tree damaged their roof, gutters and blocked them in. The couple was waiting for the storm to clear in order to begin the cleanup, but Tuesday morning Heather’s water broke, a month before her due date.

“Everything looked fine and we were not expecting anything to happen and then Irma came along and changed all of that,” said Heather Yavaliollah.

Mehrvarz Yavaliollah said he ran to the shed to find the chainsaw that was buried under the outdoor furniture they had stored.

“My wonderful neighbors saw me outside, they kind of knew the situation so they started grabbing limbs as I was cutting them off and helped move them to the street, so very thankful to them,” said Mehrvarz Yavaliollah.

The Yavaliollah’s truck did not start, but Heather eventually made it to Piedmont Hospital and delivered two healthy baby boys, Stuart and Solomon.

“Sweet little angels, so Irma was no indication of their behavior,” said Heather.

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