Woman in custody after stealing Ferndale police SUV, told cops she 'wanted to have fun'

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One person is in custody wafter leading police on a brief chase from Ferndale into Detroit. The car they were driving was a stolen police SUV.

According to Ferndale Sgt. Baron Brown, an officer was responding to a call on 9 Mile near Woodward around 11 Friday morning. He parked his car and was responding to the call when he heard someone yell "Hey, she just got in your car."

When he looked up, Sgt. Brown, said, the woman was in the car and took off.

Ferndale police responded and chased the car down. The woman ended up hitting at least two cars and ended when it hit a car head-on at 7 Mile and Stoepel. 

The woman who took it drove about a mile way and wound up crashing into another car near 7 Mile and Stoepel.

According to police, the 24-year-old woman told them she "wanted to have some fun". Sgt. Brown said, adding that the woman suffers from mental illness. 

She was arrested and no major injuries were reported.

The driver of the stolen cruiser smashed into Wendall Newman's SUV in an intersection, before crashing into the second vehicle, which was parked. 

"I didn't see anything, I crossed the light, did not even hear the sirens and the next thing I know, I am doing a full 360 in the street and this is where I end up," said Newman. "My truck needs to be replaced, but that is my livlihood."

Police say the chase lasted seven minutes starting in the area of Nine Mile and Woodward. Police said the pursuit was taken up because inside the vehicle was a semi-automatic rifle and they had to retrieve that and other equipment.