Woman jumps onto hood of shoplifter's car in Pittsfield Township

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A customer jumped on the hood of a car to stop an alleged thief Monday - and Marcel Hillier's camera was rolling.

Candice Steur sprang into action at 4:30 p.m. Monday at Lowe's in Pittsfield Township.

"She was chasing those people to that Ford Fusion so I pulled out my phone and started recording," Hillier said.

"When she got on the hood, I was like that is not okay, that's definitely not safe. But she felt like she wanted to take things into her own hands."

"I've had it, I'm tired of people just thinking they can steal stuff and not pay for it," Steur said. "I work hard, my kids work hard and I teach them not to steal."

Steur saw the suspects going through the alarms inside the store with power tools and chased them.

"They were obviously not stopping at the register," Hillier said. "She saw it and tried to chase them down to see if they would stop."

But they didn't stop and in fact after she jumped onto the suspects' car, they sped up at times.

"Someone said get off the hood and I said let them go, it is not worth your life," Hillier said.

"I just did it, I didn't want them to leave, I did not want them to get away," said Steur. "I had a lot of the other customers in their trucks surrounding him and he kept (swerving) around. I said screw it and I just jumped on."

"She was punching the hood, she was yelling, asking for people to come help," Hillier said. "I was already at the pro side near my van, so I didn't go chase after them."

Steur’s persistence and requests for back-up were eventually heard. 

"They tried and block him in again," Hillier said. "They failed once and as they pulled away quickly you can see more cars coming in and try to surround them."

Hillier says the driver eventually got away.

"The cops took another kid's information that had a picture of the car, a picture of the driver, the license plate," Steur said.

Police are still investigating the alleged crime.