Woman killed in hit and run crash in Madison Heights

Neighbors of Gwendolyn Henderson say they still can't believe the news.

Police say she was killed on Saturday in Madison Heights around 6:30 pm by a hit and run driver. 

"She was just crossing 12 Mile from south going to north," said Lt. Michael Siladke. "Unfortunately (she was) not using the crosswalk and the vehicle that hit her fled the scene."

Henderson, was 37 and lived in a Warren apartment complex.

Police say based on debris left at the scene they were able to gather some information about the vehicle Involved in this incident.

"Witnesses' accounts and evidence recovered at scene newer model Dodge Ram pickup truck, maybe a 2008 model," Siladke said.

Police say it's unclear who was at fault since Henderson did not use a crosswalk. But investigators make it clear a driver involved in any accident should never leave the scene.