Woman killed in Novi mobile home, baby in critical condition

Novi police are investigating a homicide after a woman was found dead inside a mobile home and her baby was hospitalized. 

Two bullet holes were found in the side of the home at the Oakland Glens Mobile Home Community in Novi, where 21-year-old Tia Joe was shot and killed early Sunday morning. 

Her 6-month-old baby was taken to the hospital and is currently in critical but stable, according to Novi police.

"I thought it was firecrackers but it was actually shots," said a neighbor. "You heard screeching really loud, like somebody yelling. You heard like a lady screaming."

Neighbors decribed what they heard and saw as police swarmed the streets, searching for a suspect.

"I go and I look out my back window and they have the shepherd out there looking - the k9 dog, and so I was assuming they were looking for a person or a weapon," another neighbor said.

The victim's Facebook page shows a doting mother to Tia Joe, and her little boy Braxton. Loved ones say it's bad enough that someone would shoot and kill Tia, but to hurt the baby as well -- that's just heartless.

"This community is a beautiful community and we never had problems like this until the last eight months or so," said neighbor Michael Paul.

Residents referred to another violent crime at the mobile home park last year, when Derrick Dixon strangled his wife. And now this -- a young mother murdered and a baby is fighting for his life.