Woman on Detroit's east side raped and robbed in her own home

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Margaret Robinson didn't know until just now her neighbor was raped then robbed in the middle of the night by a stranger.  

"I don't think it's anyone in here it's got to be an outsider," Robinson said.

It happened at the Villages at Parkside complex off Conner near Warren, on the city’s east side.

A man broke in through a window around 4 Friday morning telling the 62-year-old woman who lived there he had a weapon and ordered her to undress.

After he sexually assaulted her he took cash and other things from her home. 

Police say he's a black male in his 20s about 6 foot 1 about 160 pounds with a medium complexion.

"What they need is security they don't have that around here."

Robinson is about the woman's age and already worries about her own safety. She says her alarm system hasn't been working for a while.

"The management office needs to get this back on," Robinson said.

She already keeps watch when it gets dark but now she's got to be even more cautious as police work to catch this guy.

"Anything you're going to do different when you go to bed? Stay up later and watch TV and call one of my sons over."

Detroit Police are asking people in the neighborhood to be extra vigilant, if you see anything suspicious call them right away.