Woman runs over man twice before driving off on Detroit's east side

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It was just before 12:30 on Friday when Larry Santiago was going to Ray's Check Cashing.

He needed to make a car payment but never made it inside - only getting as far as the parking lot when he was hit by a driver.

"I never had a pain like that in my life," he said.

Security cameras from May 10 show Santiago jog across the street to Ray's. A parked van likely shields him from view of a car pulling in at the same time. 

"As I'm reaching down to tie my shoe I'm being hit from behind," he said.

The impact sprawls him out on the pavement.

"This hand was under the driver’s side tire," he said.

His ankle was pinned under another tire.

"Then she puts it back in drive and runs over it again," he said.

After realizing what happened, Santiago said the driver rolled her window down.

"She asked me, do you want me to take you to the hospital? I said no, my fiancé is right across the street," he said. "What I need you to do is call 911 for an ambulance and police."

Instead of placing that call, the video shows the driver of a dark colored, possibly late model Buick sedan pull away. On Wednesday Santiago watched the video of what happened for the first time.

"It was heartbreaking," he said. "It wasn't good."

The impact left him with a number of injuries including torn ligaments in his shoulder and road rash.

"I have two broken fingers, I've got sutures, I have a torn meniscus," he said.

And a feeling he can't seem to shake: "You could have left me there to die. That's what I’m angry about," he said.

He's willing to forgive the driver for not waiting for police.

"I just want an apology," he said. "I wouldn't care if anyone presses charges. I wouldn't care if she went to jail, I really wouldn't, because she had a kid."

But he wants her to know that what happened doesn't sit right with him.

"Only because you left me there," he said. "Not because you hit me. That was an accident - the fact you left me there, that was on purpose."

And he's willing to pay $300 to get his message across to that driver. 

"And as soon as they report it, I will drop that money off to the police station," he said.