Woman says apartment repair guys burglarized her home

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Her apartment flooded a week ago during storms that soaked metro Detroit.

But she says it was days before her landlord called in a clean-up crew to remove the water. And when they finally showed up, she claims they stole her stuff.

Marcella Johnson's apartment is a disaster. She claims that not only has management done a poor job of making repairs, but also many of her items have been stolen. She believes the crooks were the the repair guys.

"I called the apartment, he said they will review the cameras and call the company in the morning," Johnson said. "He never got back to me. I spoke with them myself. They said they couldn't find anything on the camera and that they're not responsible for my items."

The most recent problem started a week ago after a storm caused flooding in her home. Fast forward to this past Wednesday, the tenant believes a repair crew came into her home without anyone notifying her and took whatever they wanted.

"About four TVs, jewelry was taken, clothing was taken, my daughters, she had about four or five boxes of diapers and wipes from the Honest Company," said Johnson. "Those are all gone. Some of her clothing is gone. Some of her shoes are gone. Some of my shoes are gone."

FOX 2 called management at Chalmers Square Apartments but that call was not returned. We also stopped by their office but it was closed.

"She's had complaints about maintenance issues and she's made a complaint about people who have stolen items from her apartment and she claims nothing has been done by management."

FOX 2 spoke to someone with the 24 hour hotline, and left another message - so far nothing on that end.

"They're barely answering calls. they have not called back again today," she said. "I've been asking about my living situation. I've been from house to house with my family members."

Johnson said she moved here last spring and she's been having problems since June of 2015. She added that she's been emailing management time and time again about the problems, but little has been done.

In one email, Johnson complains about not having electricity in certain areas of her apartment, another email talks about the air conditioning not working and a third from August of 2015 is about more water damage.

According to neighbors, this place was completely flooded two years ago.

"There was severe damage to this apartment," she said. "I just feel that they had no business moving nobody else up in here."