Woman says blighted property next door is a danger

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A house crumbling to the ground - but it's more than an eyesore.

Neighbors say this property is dangerous with drugs to illegal dumping, making it a hotbed for crime.

For years, Kimberly Loving says she has been forced to call this eyesore in the 12000 block of Dresden her neighbor. 

"People shoot drugs over here, the police chase people across my grass, rats run up and down the driveway," she said.

Loving says it also attracts criminal activity, adding that a person was shot on the side of the house and someone parked in a vehicle in front of the house died from a drug overdose. 

Loving says the hardest part is that the bacteria from debris and rats around the house could kill her son who has a number of medical conditions including lung disease and asthma.

"I can't go out there," said her son Ronald Whitfield. "It is too dirty."

"Anyone knows without kidneys you can't fight germs," Loving said. "Rats have germs and they say the damn house is leaning and that's the only way they can knock it down. Would you be satisfied with that?"

Loving says for years she's been told the house was on a demolition list - but her wait continues. 

Fox 2 contacted the city for answers 

"It has been in demolition pipeline for years but it looks like coming down in the near future," said Letty Azar, manager, District 4 Detroit Dept. of Neighborhoods.

But Loving believes her son's medical condition should make demolition a priority.

"With emergency funding for demolition unfortunately that does not impact it," Azar said. "It is based on physical shape of property."

The city says when situations have special circumstances volunteer agencies can assist with cleanup and board up work, but Loving says she won't be satisfied until this eyesore is demolished. 

"My confidence will be restored when they do it," she said.