Woman says phone scammer claimed to be from FOX 2

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Someone is calling metro Detroiters in a phone scam claiming to be from FOX 2 - but they aren't.

Ruby Johnson says she rarely gives out her cell phone number, so she was surprised Wednesday morning when she got an incoming call. 

"I received a phone call from a woman who said I believe her name was Amy she blurted that out and then she said my annuities are in jeopardy," Johnson said. "She said she represents or is affiliated with channel 2 news, or FOX 2 news and FOX 2 news was trying to offer a protection plan for it."

So Johnson started asking questions.

"I said why would FOX 2 want anything to do about my annuities," she said. "And besides I have an accountant who takes care of my annuities so I don't need your help. 'But ma'am, you know the government can come in and take your annuities and we are concerned about that so we want to protect it.' I said I am not interested, goodbye." 

Johnson reached out to the FOX 2 Problem Solvers after she noticed the number was not from FOX 2 but a 313 area code and she felt obligated to put out a warning to others. 

"I would feel so bad if someone got robbed with this scam," she said. 

The Better Business Bureau says getting a call like Ms. Johnson received is not unheard of - and that's why you should be on guard and know how to protect yourself.

"She did the right thing by hanging up phone," said Laura Blankenship of the BBB. "Because anytime anyone asks for personal information on the telephone, never give it to them. You can't identify who is on the other end."

The Better Business Bureau says don't trust area codes either because they can be deceiving. 

"They have technology that can make it look like they have another number than what they really have," Blankenship said.

And if you truly want to find out if this is a reputable company or person who is calling you:

"Find the organization's number and call number directly and ask to speak to that person directly," she said. 

The Better Business Bureau says trusting your gut is always the best advice. 

"I was skeptical about what she was saying I said oh no that doesn't sound right," said Johnson.