Woman says she was groped by college admissions counselor

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A Detroit woman makes a shocking complaint involving a local community college.

She says one of the admissions counselors groped her during the interview process.

One of the proudest moments of her life was getting her high school diploma for 34-year-old Miranda Sanford of Warren. Sanford, a single mother of six, had the goal of graduating and starting college after escaping a violent marriage. Her goal is to open a women's shelter. 

"I was so happy because I felt like, I graduated before my kids," she said.

But that happiness turning to disgust April 19 at the Wayne County Community college district's downtown campus when trying to meet the deadline to sign up for summer classes. Sanford sits down with an admissions counselor.

But after only five minutes she says she felt his remarks were offensive.

"He grabbed my arm and started going like this, he said 'I think you are so beautiful girl,' he said 'I would do anything for you, I'll take you and your kids to Disney World. You are so sexy do you know that.'"

Pulling away, Sanford says the man continued making racial and sexual remarks, even signing her up for classes she knew she didn't qualify for. She says he offered to "hook her up."

"He was like if you have any problems with these classes come see me," she said. "He was like 'I'll make sure that your grades are tight and everything. You don't have to worry about it.'"

Feeling intimidated and violated, Sanford says she had to get out of there.

"I grabbed my papers and went to walk out of the room and he grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him. He touched my boob and grabbed my butt. I just stood there and in my head I was like, what just happened?"

Sanford says even after what happened, she still showed up to finish registration the next day and she said she told two school employees who then told a supervisor. But she says what happened next made her feel even worse.

"The secretary that enrolled me came back out and said 'Who touched who? Who did what?' Just loud," Sanford said. "There were like 75 people around. I just put my head down and started crying."

Another concerned employee corrected her schedule of classes. But Sanford said he felt too embarrassed.

"I just quit, I just quit and I don't think that's fair," Sanford said. "I just couldn't stomach the fact that I'd walk through the hallway and I might see this guy."

Sanford has since called FOX 2 and filed a police report. She received a phone call from the school Wednesday as we receive this statement the same day from Tina Bassett from the Wayne County Community College District saying:

"The security and safety of all of our students are our first priority. We take these allegations very seriously and are investigating the matter."

Sanford says now she plans to attend Oakland County Community College in the fall. But, before then, says she plans to make sure this man never violates another woman again.

"I want people to know that this man is out touching people while their daughters are getting enrolled in school," she said.