Woman says thieves used car hauler to steal her truck

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A woman's truck was stolen right in front of her house - and after doing a little detective work of her own, she found surveillance video of the thieves using a tow truck to haul away her pick-up.

The truck got stolen on Lawndale Street in southwest Detroit Monday night about 8 p.m.

"I don't know why they took it honestly," said owner Krystal Pesellin.

But this car theft has a different twist.

"I went to the police station, 10 p.m. that night, but apparently when the police came to take it, they told my neighbor it was reported stolen."

Pesellin thinks the police may know something about her pick up being stolen.  And there's video from the nearby Mangonada restaurant.

"You see the tow truck," she said. "With my truck on top of it. And behind it a police officer's car."

Even if it was a police officer doesn't mean the police have anything to do with the theft.

"I feel violated," she said. "It was parked in front of the house, now it's gone.  I can't even feel safe with the police anymore and I love them."

The title shows she legally bought the truck in April of this year.  It is a 1997 Dodge with 380,000 miles on it - not necessarily something you think would be a prime theft target.

FOX 2: "I was parked illegally?"

"Correct," she said.

The truck was parked legally in front of a vacant neighboring house.

The Detroit police say they do have Crystal's report of her truck being stolen.

As far as the pickup being towed by the police or the police involved in the theft, police have nothing on that. Investigators say they will look for the truck.