Woman see these pics in Photo Stream after backpack stolen at Cedar Point

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A few photos of a group of kids are being circulated on Facebook after a woman's backpack went missing at Cedar Point.

Kelly Brown Jones writes on the social media site that she accidentally left her backpack on a bench at the theme park in Ohio. She says she realized it a few minutes later, but when she turned around to go grab it, it was already gone.

Police eventually found the bag, but she says everything inside was gone - including two cell phones, IDs, credit cards, a camera and her family's tickets to the park for the next day.

Jones says, though, that when she got to her home in Pennsylvania, she went on her iPad and these four photos showed up on her Photo Stream.

Apple products have the ability to share photos between previously linked iPhones, iPads and/or computers.

Jones is asking social media to help identify the kids to see if they know anything about, or are involved with her missing items.

Her post has been shared more than 100,000 times in just a couple days.

Here's what Jones posted directly to Facebook. (We'll warn you, some may find the photos and the language in the post offensive.)