Woman shoots man believed to be breaking into her car, police say

Police are investigating a shooting that happened overnight outside a home on Detroit's west side. Police say a 61-year-old woman shot a person she believed was breaking into her car. 

The shooting happened just before 2:30 a.m. Friday in the 14600 block of Coyle, which is near Greenfield Road and W Grand River Avenue. 

Police say the woman heard a noise outside of her home and went to check it out. That's when she says she saw a suspect trying to break into her Chevy Tahoe. 

Police say the two briefly fought, and the confrontation ended with the woman pulling out a gun a shooting the man. A bullet hole could be see in the window of the driver's side door. 

He was hurt and taken to the hospital, where he's listed in temp serious condition. 

Police are questioning the homeowner and are continuing to investigate.