Woman wants to make park but can't due to illegal dumping

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Bricks, furniture, tires and all types of trash piling up on a vacant lot in Detroit.

The woman who lives next door is trying to clean up the lot so she can buy it after years of illegal dumping, the mess is more than one person can handle.

"I'm tired of this illegal dumping," said Juanita Harris.

Illegal dumpers shouldn't mess with this grandma and lifelong Detroiter, who says Friday that enough is enough.

"If you can pay to get your house fixed you can pay to throw your trash out," she said.

Living on Brockton street on the city's east side Harris says she's planning to purchase the vacant lot next door.

"I'm going to put a park here because the kids don't have a park around here," she said. "So I'm trying to fix this up."

But Harris says some dirt bags keep dumping on her dream.

"They come at night and for no apparent reason they just dump for no reason," she said. "They just dump."

Harris says it's been happening for a while but it is getting out of control, calling Fox 2 for help Friday.

"(You see) coats, kids' book bags," she said.

And that is not all - rotting furniture, chunks of flooring, even a ping pong table and dozens of boards with rusty nails sticking out are littered about.

"There's so many kids around here and you are putting them in danger when they shouldn't be in danger," said Yasamine Harris.

Juanita said that the smelly heap is attracting rats.

FOX 2: "We see some mail with addresses on it."

"Yes, I rode past the house," Juanita said. "The house is beautiful but my yard, not."

After hearing about the illegal dumping, a spokesperson for the mayor's office says they will send someone from the Department of Public Works to clean it up and someone from the Department of Neighborhoods who says they are proud that Harris is cleaning up this lot.

"Thank you," Juanita said.

Officials say this pig sty will be gone by Saturday and remind everyone to report illegal dumping they see to the city and for a prompt response use the "Improve Detroit” app.

Now Juanita is grateful for the help and has a message for those dumping on her city.

"Stay (away) from over here," she said. "Because I'll get you Channel 2, tell them about it."