Woman who lives on rural road outraged over ticket for dirty license plate

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A photo of the woman's car

WEB UPDATE (4/5/17): A judge has thrown the case out, dismissing the woman pulled over for a dirty license plate, reports Taryn Asher.

-Original story is below-

She was pulled over by police and ticketed for a dirty license plate - but the South Lyon woman wants someone to cut her some slack.

Michelle Berry couldn't believe it. She was on her way home from the movies last month when a Northville police officer over pulled her over on Nine Mile near Curry and ticketed her for a dirty license plate.

"I gave her everything, she went back to her vehicle, 15 minutes later she came back with this ticket," Michelle Berry said. "I had a 'dirty, unreadable plate.'

"I said that's a real thing? I said I live on dirty roads how I avoid it. She said well you can call the court. (I said) okay, has a good night, not going to argue with her."

Berry called the Plymouth District Court getting what's called a pre-formal hearing. But she says what the magistrate would tell her next was even more troubling than the $130 ticket.

"They said I could have $10 off," Berry said. "I said $10 off? I was just sitting in the courtroom and a man who provided alcohol to a child at a party store had a $100 fine. How is it I am paying $130 for a dirty license plate that can't be avoided? There are 28 dirt roads locally in my community.

"There is no avoiding a dirty plate."

Berry took pictures of the dirt roads she is forced to travel to work every day from Lyon Township to Commerce Township and she showed it to the magistrate.

"He said well carry a rag with you and pull over onto the pavement and wipe it off," said Berry.

She says she gets a car wash at least once a week and says she understands the law but believes it should be directed it at people purposely trying to conceal their license plate. But for motorists who live and drive in rural communities - they can't help it.

Now Berry says she has to work overtime to make up for the court time she is spending trying to fight an over- the-top ticket.

"It is utterly ridiculous," she said.