Woman who penned note to car thieves gets new car

For Stefanie Irvine and her family, a 2006 Malibu is a dream come true. "The car is everything, if I don't have the car there's nothing I can do, I'm just stuck."

Stuck is exactly how this mother of two felt after a day with her kids at a coffee shop and the museums in downtown Detroit. She had parked her old Dodge Neon on Cass Avenue only to find it had been stolen in broad daylight.

"Dear person or persons who stole my car, I'm not sure what your situation is but let me tell you a little bit about mine." Irvine, a single mother decided to pen a letter to the thieves and send it to Fox 2 to ask for help. She shared how she had to move her family in with her mother because money is so tight. They all share a room and a car. "It took me over a year to pay $1200 for that ugly old beaten up Neon you took from me."

Well, Fox 2 never heard from the bad guys, just from some good guys.

Stefanie was all smiles Saturday as she signed on the dotted line, taking possession of her new 2006 Malibu which was courtesy of Ford Road Motor Sales in Dearborn.

Overcome with emotion, Stefanie broke down into tears. "Thank you, and thank you isn't even saying enough. I can't even express what this means to me."

Mike Elashkar is the general manager of Ford Road Motor Sales. "We're constantly on, watching and reading with Fox 2 and whenever we're able to reach out to a customer to help out - we'll try our best."

The company realizes how important a car is for Stefanie to get to work and school and to get her children everywhere they need to be.

"I really believe in good karma. I believe that what you put forward is what you're going to get back and anytime you can help anybody out it's a good
thing and I feel that if I'm ever in that position, I hope somebody reaches out to me," said Elashkar.