Woman's body found, identified on Detroit's west side

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A woman's body found covered in brush and debris on Detroit's west side.

Investigators believe she was out there for at least a day before police got the tip that led them to her remains.

Tabitha Moray discovered the woman found dead behind the vacant Detroit home was her friend, While an autopsy is underway to determine how that young woman died -- she's now identified as Tabetha Charles.

"Impossible, impossible, she's not dead," said Lisa Moray, her friend. "It's too hard to believe she's gone.

"She left my house actually that night. Coming around here to see somebody. I don't know. But she wound up missing."

Detroit police say Monday afternoon a 31-year-old woman's body was discovered behind a vacant home on Burnette near Dover. Neighbors reported a strong odor coming from the bushes.

"There was a woman we'd see frequently over here," said a neighbor.

The woman's body was only partially clothed and had been out there for at least 24 hours covered in branches and debris.

At first, there were no obvious signs of trauma but after further examination, police say, they're now investigating her death as a homicide.

Detroit police say they know who the woman is and her mother is on her way from out of town to identify her body.

FOX 2: "Do you know anyone who'd want to hurt her?"

"No way, nobody," said Moray. "She was funny, giving, bubbly."

While Detroit police continue to investigate neighbors and friends can't understand why someone would take the life of that young woman.

"I'm hoping it wasn't the lady that were used to seeing all the time," said a neighbor. "Either way, it's just sad."