Woman's body found in closet in Detroit

A Highland Park man was charged with murder for killing his ex-girlfriend.

Tyshawn Bost, 24, was arraigned Sunday. Detroit police found the body of 21-year-old Tiris Doss in a bedroom closet on State Fair Street in Detroit on Friday morning. Investigators said her throat had been slashed.

Police found Bost as he was trying to leave out a back door.

Alexis White moved to the home last week with Doss, the sister of her ex, and aunt to her two children. She said her other ex, Bost, was staying over to help them with the move.

When White tried to call police, she said Bost took her phone. She said he held her and her daughters hostage in the living room for two hours, and the two little girls, three and four years old, watched as their mother was threatened and beaten.

White said she was able to calm him down enough to allow her and the children to leave. She went straight to a family member's home and called 911.

Doss's body was later discovered by police stuffed in a closet.

Bost is being held without bond as a habitual offender, convicted of home invasion and killing a dog.