Women accused of stealing from disabled veterans store: tape was doctored

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Two women wanted for stealing from a Westland store, dedicated to helping veterans.

The owners say the women paid for some of the items and then walked out with the others - but the women claim -- the video doesn't tell the whole story.

Eric Adams, the store manager, says that the video outrages him and his employees.

"We're trying to raise money for the veterans, we don't need people stealing from us," Adams said. "It's just low."

After seeing themselves on FOX 2 Wednesday, Westland police say the two women seen on video have identified themselves. But one of them claims they didn't steal anything.

"They are on camera," Adams said. "We have cameras everywhere."

One of the women told FOX 2 that the video showing them opening a cash register and going behind the employees only counter was manipulated and doesn't show the whole story.

"There is a clear view of them stealing a purse from somewhere they should not have been," Adams said.

Adams said he pulled the video and said that the image only appears to jump on playback because it is motion censored. He says the video has not been manipulated at all.

"The video is time stamped and date stamped," he said. "There is no way to edit it; we take it right from the monitor."

Another manager who said she confronted the women as they were leaving said she had two employees look where the women said they left the purse - and it wasn't there.

"They looked and it was not found," Adams said.

He said their defense is laughable because inventory is taken almost daily and 99 percent of the time the display cases are locked.

A key used to be under the register where the women are seen.

"Since then that key has been moved," Adams said.

Westland police continue to investigate.

"If you steal from the store, you steal from me, the employees and the veterans," Adams said.