Women Charged over Hot Wing Dispute

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We’ve all had bad days and bad restaurant service.  And when those two things combine we are sometimes not at our best.  Fayetteville Police said that was the case a wings restaurant and the rage that ensued simply won’t be tolerated.

Police said at issue was a 50 cent dispute over the price of lemon pepper sprinkles at  Hotlanta Wings Restaurant.

They said 19-year-old Katie Young of Hampton was at the drive thru and disputed the charge.  The video appeared to show Young giving her order back.  Police say she was demanding refund.  At one point it appeared she threw a plastic bag at the worker.

Police say the incident grew even more heated when the manager took Young’s credit card for the refund.  According to police, Young thought the manager had snatched the car from her hand.

The next video appeared to show Young marching into the restaurant with a friend following.  Police say the friends action might have saved Young from more serious action.

At one point police say Young went behind the counter and started to follow the retreating manager.  And while a kitchen worker started to scamper, Young’s friend was seen pulling her back again from the kitchen.

That angry outburst over a 50 cent hot wing order landed young in jail and facing charges.

Police say Young was charged with making terroristic threats, disorderly conduct and criminal trespass. The owner of the hot wings restaurant said the manager was pregnant and emotional upset over Young’s behavior.

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