Women-owned restoration service trailblazes while helping homeowners who need it

Brandi McIntosh isn't a typical restoration company owner.

"I lived it and I wouldn't ever want somebody to have to walk in my shoes," she said. "It's a dirty job, I'll tell you that, but I guess as a mom, you've seen it all."

When she pulls up to help homeowners devastated by the recent floods, she knows what it is like to feel lost. That's because back in 2011 a fire swept through her home.

"The contractor that we hired, had taken our money and used it somewhere else and did not fix our house," she said.

McIntosh says she turned her personal tragedy into a positive, creating ProRestore a women-owned and mostly operated restoration company. 

"It's a tough industry, it's a man's industry, but I think women are evolving and showing the world that they are just more than what they were in the past," McIntosh said. "And I think it's important we show that."

McIntosh says she is used to the surprised looks she gets from homeowners.

"They are always a little standoffish, like, 'Are you guys going to be able to take care of that and handle that?'" she said. "And once we get to work they really see we know our stuff and we can do it just as good as the boys."

Now her crews are incredibly busy with flood clean-ups across Metro Detroit. McIntosh says her customers are grateful at every stop.

"That to me is probably the most rewarding, is making others happy and making sure they're taken care of," she said.

McIntosh says she is always looking to hire and empower other women to help break barriers in this male-dominated industry.

"I've met a lot of guys that just come in for the paycheck or they're coming for the money," she said. "And it's good money, but to me that's nothing helping people out, is probably the big take-away for me."

For more information on ProRestore - (248) 788-6000,  ProRestore.com/ @theOriginalRestorationLady on Facebook.