Women steal family dog 'Peanut' on camera in Mount Clemens

The Macomb County Sheriff's Office released home security video of a family's 35-pound beagle-German shepherd mix being stolen by two women.

The dog, named Peanut, was taken by two middle-aged women driving a silver SUV and black Ford F-150 in Mount Clemens.

Peanut had escaped his yard and while his owner was out looking for him, he returned home. 

Police say an acquaintance attempted to secure Peanut when two unidentified women had followed him home. They then took Peanut from the acquaintance and left.

"Peanut’s owner is devastated and just wants Peanut home," said the post on the sheriff's office Facebook.

If you can identify the two women or have information, please contact Detective David Jaroma at 586-307-9456 or with email David.jaroma@macombcountymi.gov.