Women voters role in presidential race; soccer at jail fail site

Part 1: Women voters in the presidential race

We discuss the growing political power of women. 

Already front-runner presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are fighting to win their support.  

Is the female vote the key to the White House?

Gretchen Whitmer, former Michigan State Senate Democratic leader.

Janine Kateff, delegate for Trump

Rochelle Riley, Detroit Free Press columnist, Michigan Journalism Hall of Fame member

Meshawn Maddock, Trump delegate

Part 2: Soccer at the jail fail site

Billionaires Dan Gilbert and Tom Gores want to build a new soccer stadium on some prime real estate.

But the trouble is that piece of land is already occupied by the infamous and still unfinished Wayne County jail.

Is it time to get rid of a big mistake that's costing taxpayers millions - or is that billion dollar offer on the table too low?

On the panel:

Ryan Ermanni, FOX 2 sports reporter, producer and host of 105.1 radio show Ryan and Rico

Bob Ficano, former Wayne County executive

Al Allen, retired award-winning Fox 2 reporter

Karen Dumas, Detroit political insiderm public relations expert and radio host on 910 AM

Part 3: On the Road

Can a pro soccer team and new stadium flourish in Detroit?