Woodhaven artist brightens up neighborhood with stunning chalk drawings

Imagine getting your socially distanced exercise in and seeing something amazing on the sidewalk.

This episode of Good News Only, our newest series that highlights the positive in our community amid these stressful times, features Rebecca of Woodhaven, Michigan, who is brightening up her community with incredible chalk drawings.

"Even if people stop and look and them for even two minutes -- that's two minutes less that they spent worrying about all the things that can be scary," she said.

She's created things like a message of thanks to the Woodhaven Fire Department, some inspiring Easter drawings, some fun Easter messages too, and much more throughout her community. 

"I'm really motivated to show people that when things get a little scary, you can still do amazing things to make people smile -- sew a mask, paint a picture, do some sidewalk chalk. All of these things are great things and we need more of the good," she said.

You can see her drawings in the video player above.

"My mom always taught me that if you can do good, then you should do the good, so I am out here working for smiles, trying to do that good," she said. 

Rebecca said her drawings have actually been a huge group effort.

"There's a lot of people in my neighborhood who have actually donated chalk to me or so that I could go out and get chalk on my own so that I can keep this happy going, which is so amazing -- I am so overly blessed," Rebecca said.

She also wanted to thank her partner in art -- her son, Kolby.

"He goes out with me every day and he finds my tunes so that I can jam, and he hands me all my chalk to make it a whole lot easier," she said.

Sharing her love of art, she’s also holding virtual coloring contests for fun prizes. Kids can print out the drawings, color them, and submit them online.

"To all of our people that are on the front lines, fighting all of this, thank you so much -- doctors, nurses, all of our essential workers out there, I hope that you guys see these. I hope that they can brighten your day a little," she said.

In these gloomy times, it's some much-needed brightness.

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