Woodhaven offering free fireworks courtesy signs for veterans

The Fourth of July is a holiday that comes with a sight and sound all its own. But we know for some, the celebration lighting up the night sky is a trigger to the past. 

"Some of them were louder than the ones we heard in Vietnam," says Mike Pintar. We caught up with the Vietnam vet, who has a rather unique sign in his yard now that he picked up from Woodhaven City Hall. 

The sign reads: "Combat veteran lives here. Please be courteous with fireworks," and suggests visiting www.militarywithptsd.org for more information. Woodhaven Mayor Patricia Odette says these signs are just another way for the city to pay their respect. 

For the second year now, she has offered these signs as a way for veterans to alert neighbors that unexpected firework displays could have unintended consequences for those with PTSD.

"That's disabling to them. It causes them undue stress," she says.

She says the City of Woodhaven is not against fireworks. In fact, the city puts on a show of its own, which veterans like Pintar appreciate. 

"It's not so much the fireworks the city puts on; you know it's coming. It's the after ones," he says.

"They know they are going to be there that night. They can plan for it, they can make other arrangements," Mayor Odette says.

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She hopes if a neighbor sees this sign, they will at least give them a heads up if they plan to have their own firework celebration so a veteran won't be caught off guard.

"If I'm sleeping or watching TV and it sounds like something is coming through my roof, I don't care too much for that," Pintar says.

The signs are available for free to any service veteran. They can picked up at Woodhaven City Hall during normal business hours.