Workers seem positive about tentative UAW-FCA deal

Negotiators for Fiat Chrysler and the United Auto Workers reached a tentative deal just after midnight Thursday, just as workers were set to walk off the job.

UAW workers coming out of the Chrysler plant later that morning talked to FOX 2's Maurielle Lue about their thoughts on the deal. While no one knows the details, everyone seems to be optimistic. Check out her report in the video player above to hear from some workers.

This is the second tentative agreement reached between the groups. Last week, UAW members rejected a first proposal. Over the last few years, union workers made significant concessions when the auto makers were struggling, and now that the auto companies are doing better the workers are looking for better incentives.

Specifically, they want to end the two-tier pay structure, specific guarantees that new vehicles will be made in the United States and for cost-of-living pay raises.

Union leaders will vote on this new deal on Friday. That's when we expect to learn more about what is in the agreement.