World's Largest Bounce House coming to Metro Detroit in June

(Sarasota Experience, Big Bounce America)

Parents seeking a hopping good time for their little ones this summer will have plenty to look forward to when the World's Largest Bounce House comes to Metro Detroit.

The Big Bounce America, current world record holder of Guinness' 'World's Largest Bounce House', announced its North American tour and plans to bring the monster inflatable attraction to Fraser, Michigan, over two weeks in June.

Steffens Park in Fraser will host the event, which features four massive inflatables including the record-setting house, which stands 32 feet tall and covers 16,000 square feet.

Inside the main attraction, visitors will find giant slides, ball pits, climbing towers and basketball hoops, surrounding a custom-built stage where a DJ will play age-appropriate music.

Three other inflatables include a 900-foot-long obstacle course, a space-themed attraction with a maze and a 25-foot alien, and a sports arena.

Tickets are available online starting at $19 with sessions organized by age, ranging from toddlers to adult-only time, the press release said. Event organizers recommend purchasing tickets in advance.

You may remember that the Big Bounce was in Fraser back in 2019 but then it was only 10,000 square feet.

The event is the biggest touring inflatable event in the world, featuring four massive inflatables:

  • The "world’s largest" bounce house, which is 16,000-square-feet and 32 feet tall, with giant slides, ball pits, climbing towers and basketball hoops, as well as a stage for a DJ.
  • The Sport Slam, which is new for 2022, includes a customized sports arena with goals, nets, hoops and balls. There are zones for climbing and a "battle zone" where people can compete to see who can stay on their podium the longest.
  • The Giant is 900-feet long featuring 50 different obstacles as people make their way from the starting line to the grand finale monster slide.
  • airSPACE is a space-themed bounce house filled with aliens, spaceships, moon craters, a five-lane slide, a 25-foot inflatable alien, and three ball pits.